Shani Zylberman Psychotherapy

My modality focuses on a strong therapeutic relationship.  Each session is catered towards the individual, to ensure that your therapeutic journey is both helpful and enjoyable. Therapy should be a comfortable environment where one can both laugh and cry, as both are the body's way of strengthening itself.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." While we cannot always change the world around us, we do have the power to make changes in ourselves which, in turn, affect our circumstances and the way we view and interact with others. We have all been through rough patches in life, and seeking help is the first step in your journey to repair.

Using a caring and insightful approach, I help clients have a better understanding of their emotions and experiences, which enables the ability to make better life choices.  Together we can explore behavioral patterns, factors that may be triggering the patterns, and if there are any areas where you might benefit from creating change.